LCMC Library Resources

The library is available to tutors at any time during the LCMC’s regular office hours.  Tutors should check in with a coordinator or the librarian before signing out material.

The LCMC Library provides tutors with materials for adults who are learning to read, write or speak English, and connect with their community.   Topics include workplace and life skills, grammar, writing, spelling, and citizenship.  In addition, stories and non-fiction works at our learners’ levels are available for their learning enjoyment.  A large collection of resource materials and educational resources support tutors in various subject areas such as teaching comprehension and pronunciation, cultural awareness, learning disabilities, and general literacy.

Below are Featured Resources.

Featured Resources
Many of the resources listed below are are .pdf files.  You may need to download Adobe Reader in order to access them.  Click here to download free software (Be sure to select the software version for your operating system).

  • Skillbook Activity Sheets
  • Communicating With Your Child’s School
  • Checkups
  • Short Articles and Stories for Adult Learners

Skill Book Activity Sheets:
Supplementary materials are important to include in your lessons.  Below are activity sheets you can use with your student. Skill Books for Level’s 3 and 4 are coming soon.

Skill Book/Level 2

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7A Lesson 7B
Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10 Lesson 11
Lesson 12 Lesson 13


Communicating With Your Child’s School
We have a program for you to use to help adult English language learners who have children in Montgomery County Public Schools.  Increased parent involvement will help children succeed in school, but many LCMC students come to us from cultures that discourage open communication with their childrens’ teachers.  Lack of English language proficiency further dissuades them from becoming active participants in their children’s education.

Available in hard copy at the LCMC library and below in .pdf format is a teaching tool for adult learners developed by Marilyn Block, longtime tutor, trainer, and LCMC board member.  There are three 90-minute instructional sessions on school-related vocabulary, written and verbal communication methods and meetings with school staff.

Communicating With Your Child’s School Part IA
Communicating With Your Child’s School Part IB
Communicating With Your Child’s School Part II
Communicating With Your Child’s School Part III

Student Lines

You can download at your convenience.  These pieces were created by tutors to reinforce vocabulary and sentence structure, and for interest.

Skillbook 1 Level

Click here for a list of book titles and the correct sequence to use the skill books.

Click here to download a zip file of all the PDF’s for the Skillbook level 1

ABC Shop Children, Children! Going to Robert’s Run
Ann’s Homework Christmas Tree Happy Birthday
Apple and Egg City and Valley Helping Mrs. Oliver
Apple Bird Dan Homework
Apples in the Box Dan Gives Up Horse Race
At Hill’s Pond Dan’s Birds In the Tent
At the Bird’s Nest Dinner at the Tent Is Cal Cool
At the River Dishes for Uncle Bob Is Van Dumb
At the Tent Dogs Jumping Olive
Bath for Liz Ed Writes Jumping Pup
Big Fish Egg Sandwich Lesson
Bird and the Egg Election Day in Indian Valley Lesson for Mrs. Hill
Bird Cards Win! Family Lesson for Sam and Ted
Bird Man of Red River Valley Fish Dish Lesson on Man and Woman
Bird, Cat and Bell Fish for a Bird Liz and Jill
Bird, Fish and Snake Fish for Little Pup Look and Listen
Birds in the Hand Fish in a Box Looking at TV
Bird’s Nest Fish Story Lost Pup
Bob’s Box Fishing Mother Bird
Broken Zipper Food for Pets and Children Mrs. Hill’s Dinner
Cal’s Verses For a Quarter
Cat for Kim Free TV
Cat in the Shop Gift
Cats and Rats Gift for the Queen
Checkup Girl and a Dog
Checkup Chart Go to Bed
Checkup for Bob Going Fishing

Skillbook 2 Level
links coming soon

Skillbook 3 Level