Tutor Check Ups

Check Ups are evaluations administered by the tutor at the end of each Skill Book level.  They are used to assess student progress and identify areas that may need to be reviewed in future lessons.

While some of the Check Up information is detailed at the end of the Teacher’s Manual, it is not complete.  There are additional documents you must have in order to perform the Check Up.  You can obtain them either by downloading the documents via the links below or contacting the LCMC office and requesting the Check Up materials (It will be sent to you via the library pony system.  Expect to receive it approximately 10 – 15 business days after your request).

Check Ups consist of three components–cover sheet,  booklet and teacher evaluation forms (scoring pages).  Click on the appropriate level to download the documents you need:

Basic Literacy Cover Sheet, Booklet & Evaluation Forms ESL Cover Sheet, Booklet & Evaluation Forms
Skillbook/Level 1 BL Check Up Skillbook/Level 1 ESL Check Up
Skillbook/Level 2 BL Check Up Skillbook/Level 2 ESL Check Up
Skillbook/Level 3 BL Check Up Skillbook/Level 3 ESL Check Up
Skillbook/Level 4 BL Check Up Skillbook/Level 4 ESL Check Up


How to Administer a Check Up
As a tutor, you should periodically look at the Check Up materials during your lesson preparation to be sure you understand what items are considered to be priority knowledge and make sure your student is comfortable with these items.

When you approach the end of a Skill Book, take some time at each lesson to review a portion of the skills/materials that the student will be tested on in the Check Up.  Depending on how often you meet with your student, substantial time could have passed from when you first introduced the concepts in the Check Up.  Here is where note-taking at each tutoring session becomes invaluable.  You can review these notes to identify those areas where your student has struggled and take extra time to review.  Once you have reviewed all the material, you are ready to formally administer the Check Up.

In the back of each Teacher’s Manual are directions on how to administer the Check Up.  You use the Teacher’s Evaluation Form to score your student’s performance.  Scoring instructions are in your Teacher’s Manual.  Once you have completed each section of the Check Up, you evaluate your student’s performance.  Instructions for evaluating your student’s performance are also in your Teacher’s Manual.  Once your student has finished the Check Up, send the completed materials to your office coordinator.  The LCMC  will then send you a diploma which you will present to your student.

Note:  If your student has areas where they obviously struggled, you still move on to the next level.  You do not repeat a level with your student.  As you work in the next book, you will incorporate supplementary exercises that focus on the problem areas of the previous level to reinforce those skills.  If you need help creating these exercises, check out the Literacy Links page on our website (under Home) or call the office.  Sometimes exercises as simple as typing out the drill for a skill in the previous Skill Book and having your student complete the exercise can be used as a supplement. In addition, the Student Workbook from the previous level can help with structure focus.  If the student needs help with reading and writing, you can use Student Lines and More Stories from the previous level as reinforcement.