Student Writings October 2016

October 10th, 2016

Read about our inspiring students’ experiences about learning English with the Literacy Council of Montgomery County.


Diana – ESL Skill Book 2

“I am very happy. I can speak English. I have one job now and I have more communication with the clients. I can understand when I speak with the people. I love this program and I love my tutor she is very patient with me. I am making my effort to understand more English day to day. Thank you so much.


Shirley, ESL Skill Book 3

“I always wanted to learn English history, and handwriting. I can’t thank my tutor enough, just to start me from scratch, I learned more than I thought, my tutor is patient and polite. And I wanted to thank the Literacy Council for the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.”-


Sarah – ESL Skill Book 3

“I’m Sarah. I came from South Korea 9 years ago. I want to speak English well. But I didn’t have any opportunity to study English. One day my friend introduced me to the Literacy Council program. And I started to have the Literacy class with a good teacher. I got my citizenship after studying U.S. history with my teacher. I am so glad to have met my English teacher. I still study English in the Literacy Council program. I will be better to speak English if I study hard. Thank you for all your help.”


Pushpa – ESL Skill Book 1

“Before I never texted because I don’t know English. Now, I know more English and I text with my teacher my family and friends. My teacher and I worked on my Citizenship. I passed the test. I am happy I am an American Citizen. Now, my mom will come to visit in May. Teacher, thank you.” – Pushpa, ESL Student