Student Writings July 2016

August 29th, 2016

Read about our students’ experiences about learning English with the Literacy Council of Montgomery County.


Risala – ESL Book 2

“I am so thankful for being part of the Literacy Council program. I learned to read and write. It is a big help for me. I can now help my children with homework. Now I have a learner’s permit and my citizenship. The program is good. For me and the students who want to learn English, reading, and writing skills. And thank you very much.”

Yuping – ESL Book 2

“I am Yuping. I have a very nice teacher. Her name is Barbara. She patiently teaches me English. From starting to learn letters, I have already finished English book 2. I like my teacher very much and thank for her teaching me a lot of English.”

Winnie – ESL Book 3

“When I came to America. I don’t know how to say and write English. I can’t find a job. I be must to go to class. I know is not easy for me. After four years. I passed my citizenship and I can speak to my teacher. I can help my daughter do her homework.”

Karina – ESL Book 2

“Studying with Nancy every week is wonderful because she teaches me new words, reading, and vocabulary. Also she teaches me differences between words singular and plural and grammar. Together enjoying good times and she do the classes very friendly. I’m happy to have a teacher like Nancy and to learn and improve my English with her. Thank you so much.”