Student Writing – May 2015

April 30th, 2015

Student: Abdul Haqq
Tutor: Roberta Benor
Basic Literacy Skill Book 1

I love my Literace class because it give me something to do and helps me feel better about my self.

Student: Maria Elliott
Tutor: Bonnie Malkin
Basic Literacy Skill Book 2

My Mondays are the best days of the week. I learn English very good and funny because my teather Mrs. Bonnie is very funny and very demanding. She burns my “brain.”

Student: Mary Penson
Tutor: Madhvi Doshi
ESL Skill Book 4

I’m very happy with Literacy council program because I’m learning English well. When I started this program I don’t understand nothing about English. Now I can speak, write, and read well. I want to say thanks to the people who manage this program and I want to write some about my teacher. She is really good person all time when I can I can’t she say yes you can. She is very friendly with me. I will always remember her as my best teacher.

Student: Jose J. Barrera
Tutors: Marlene Cohn and Edna Lipson
ESL Skill Book 4

I learned to read English. I learned to write English. I learned to know about long sound. I learned to pronounce words. I learned how to spell words. I learned about Dr. Frank Laubach. Dr. Laubach is a person to admore for their worked to the world.

Student: Grace Yan
Tutor: Maggie Bruno
ESL Skill Book 4

I was very lucky to learn from a professional, kind, and patient teacher. With her help, I expanded my everyday English vocabulary, improved my pronunciation, and increased my fluency. This course also gave me many opportunities to practice reading and writing in English and learn about customs of various ethnic groups around the world.

Student: Hector Antonio Leon
Tutor: Maggie Bruno
ESL Skill Book 4

I am able to help the people that not speak English. I am not afraid to speak English to other persons. I have learned to fill aplications trying to get new jobs. I did my Driver Practice Test without a translator help. I have confidence to work in American companies! Learn to speak English is as open the door for a better life.

Student: Joyce Ssinnabulya
Tutor: Maggie Bruno
ESL Skill Book 4

I have improved in reading the newspaper. I have improved in the stress sounds and now I can speak English as my second language. I have improved in answering my phone, expesecily with the bank or T-Mobile and other companies by paying my bill with debt card instead of going in the offices. I have improved in American games, shopping terms when I am buying some stuff in the stores or malls. I have improved in American history, some holidays and their meanings.