Student Writing – September 2015

September 30th, 2015

Read what our learners have to say about learning English or improving their basic literacy skills.

September 2015

Student – Ho Dang, Tutor: Carol Muskin

Skill Book 4 – ESL

I have learned English from my country, Vietman. I learned English with my English teacher in Vietnamese, that so I got a lot of problem in pronounciation. I can not understand when I watch TV,

And I can not speaking fluency English like the nature America.

I would like to improve my English skill on conversation. Literacy Council of Montgomery was helping me a lot with English tutor. I thank you so much


Student – Rabeya Auter, Tutor: Carol Muskin

Skill Book 4 – ESL

Literacy council program is great source to help people learn English. I am grateful I found Literacy Council program its help me a lot. Specifically my Teacher Carol. She is so helpful. She teach me as a friend and ­­­guidance. I ask her help any of my problem and she help me very nicely. I am very upset.


Student – Olivia Morales, Tutor: Judith Furash

Skill Book 4 – ESL

I go to my class every Tuesday. My English class is 2 hours from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.. I’m very happy because I’m learning. I think I’m doing very well. I really like my teacher. She is very friendly and very good at teaching.


July/August 2015

Student – Mamadou Sall, Tutor: Barbara Oppenheimer                                                                     

Skill Book 3  

This is about my experience learning English. I began to learn English in 2014 with my Tutor Bonnie Oppenheimer, every Monday each week at the Takoma Park Library – with my tutor, I learned phonics, reading and working the exercises. I do many exercises in the books.

And I also read the books taken from the library about slaveries, about the life of the Presidents of the United States of America. And I learn English when I watch TV. And I have also my granddaughter who is three years old who helps me to speak English at home after she comes from school. I also read some news in Washington Post.

I am very happy to meet my Tutor, Bonnie Oppenheimer who pushes me with persistence to do better every week. But it is very hard for me to speak well at this time. Also I try to hold on to many words so that I can speak English fluently. I try to speak English with my wife Bah who pushes me also to speak very well.


Student – Maria Isabel Fuentes, Tutor: Erika Jackson

Skill Book 1

Montgomery County Literacy is a good program because it helps people like me who have special needs. For me I don’t have time to go to school to learn English.


Student – Blanca Mancia, Tutor: Anne Erickson

Skill Book 1

It has helped me to talk to the doctors and my friends. Now I can read books to my grandchildren and I can tell wat time it is, I can also introduce myself. I enjoy learning English!


Student – Juan De la Cruz Aleen Carrillo

Tutor: John Marshall

Skill Book 2

I’m happy because I’m learning a lot of words in English. Thanks to all of you, for helping me and specially my teacher for being patient while teaching me. I’m thankful for having a nice teacher, always finding a way to teach me well so I can understand everything.