Student Writing

June 9th, 2016

Read what our student’s are saying about learning English at LCMC.

April 2016

Pushpa Rai – Skill Book 1, ESL

Before I never text because I don’t know English. Now I know more English and I text with my teacher my family and friends. My teacher and I worked on citizenship. I passed the test. I am happy I am American citizen! Now my mom will come to visit in May. Teacher, thank you.

Jia Yu – Skill Book 1, ESL

My English class is on Tuesday. So I like every Tuesday! I enjoy my English class. I study very happy! I think about that I need to study hard because I can’t good use ask sentence. I like my English teacher – Mrs. Dee. She is very nice and helpful. She teach me a lot of things and help me a lot.

Young Hee Kim – Skill Book 4, ESL

I have been studying English for 2 years 6 months. Sometimes I had a hard time with it. English is difficult, I don’t understand it. But I couldn’t give up when I saw my tutor Claudia. She is a good teacher. She made me keep on with my English class. Before I gave up several times. Now, I keep going to English classes. I can do it! Always I thank Montgomery County Literacy Council!

Esayass Zemariam – Skill Book 4, ESL

First of all, I would like say thank you for the opportunity, for this literacy council program. Since I joined with this literacy council program I have greatly improved my English language skills. I also wanted to keep going to learn until I become more confident in my speaking, writing and reading. I also say thank you to my tutor, he is helping me a lot. My tutor offers many ways to help me learn.

May 2016

Wei Li – Skill Book 4, ESL

Today is excited day. My tutor Mrs. Iris said you almost finished level 4. I’m very glad. During almost four years, every week I went to Rockville library to learn English. Mrs. Iris always taught me a lot. She taught me everything and opened my mind. Now I can read English news, watch English TV, listen to a radio, write a letter, and email to my son’s school teacher. I couldn’t do all of these before four years ago.

Last year my life changed. Mrs. Iris still helped me a lot. I couldn’t go to the library this year, so she found another place to go to learn English. I want to say thank you. The Literacy Council is very important for me and for everyone that just came here. I want to say thank you.

Fatemeh-Rahimi – Skill Book 2

My name is Fatemeh-Rahimi. I have been here 4 years. When I came here, I could not talk, read and write English. Literacy Council helped me and gave me teacher. And now I can read, write and talk. I have job and little money. I have friends. I want to tell Literacy Council and Mrs. Ann Friedman thank you so much. My life is changing. Thank you for everything.