Student Writing – April 2015

March 1st, 2015

Student: Mi Young Bae
Tutor: Jean Thompson
ESL Skill Book 2

I was scared at first. But, the class was fun. The teacher taught me very well. I will work harder. I am thankful to my teacher. I was very confused at first. The tenses confused me a lot, but reading and studying the book helped me. I am still confused making sentences is hard.

Student: Doris Janeth Mejid
Tutor: Elaine Allen
ESL Skill Book 2

This is a big experience in my life. I feel happy for learn much every time. My teacher is the better I had before. She’s helping me every time. Thanks for opened this opportunity to me. I promise to use it better.

Student: Martiza Cuipano Bucheli
Tutor: Carolyn Carlson
ESL Skill Book 3

In this time I can understand better when other people talk to me, is easy for me write in English, spelled words vocabulary. I can read books. I have difficult for speak English and need have more conversation.

Student: Sung Sik Cho
Tutor: Harry Redd
ESL Skill Book 4

Thank you for having me as a student to learn English as my second language. It has helped me a lot to communicate with my customers and understand. I also got my the U.S. Citizenship.