Student Writing

March 30th, 2016

Read what our students are saying about learning English with the Literacy Council of Montgomery County.

December 2015

I feel good. Thank you to my teacher for his time. I want to learn more level two English with my teacher.
– Sungtae Kim, ESL, Skill Book 2

I think I have a great teacher Learning the words are helpful.
– Gary, Basic Literacy

I have learned English with my English teacher. I have improved my English level. Before I couldn’t speak any sentence in English, now, I can ask someone to do what I want, I feel better than before and I enjoy studying English with my teacher.
– Hong Wung

I am enjoying the English lesson. I look forward to more lessons.
– Jair Humberto Pajaro Garcia

January 2016 – April 2016

This is my second year with my teacher Janice Chang. I push myself to study hard all the time. Now I know more new words than last year because my teacher gave me different kind of books to read. I found out that my pronunciation and writing have greatly improved ever since. I wish my dream can come true soon – to help the people who can’t speak English, or to find a job for me with my good English. Thanks again, that the Literacy Council has this program for me. Also thanks to my teacher who gave me courage to stick with the program, because I almost wanted to quit at one time. “Anything is possible if you try hard enough,” taught me from the book “Helen Keller” I read. The blind girl, Helen Keller, said that. And it became my motto. I believe that will change my life – a long journey toward perfect goal!
– Mary Wang, ESL, Skill Book 3

I am so glad I am a student with the Montgomery County Literacy Council program. My English improved a lot. I studied and discussed news in my class with my tutor so I know what is going on every day. Also I learned a lot of things in my real life and in my job. I love this program! I look forward to every class.
– Zhi Ying Wu, ESL, Skill Book 3

I like my English teacher. He is passionate, detailed and helpful to me. I would like to continue English tutor level III with him.
– Sungtae Kim, ESL, Skill Book 2

Since I started my English class with Ms. Sue Guy, I have noticed that I feel much more confident when I am among people. My teacher is very patience with me and this makes easier for me to continue and apply myself.
– Diana Marcela Rondini, ESL, Skill Book 1

I like my English class. My teacher is very good.
– Tatiana Metelva, ESL, Skill Book 1

We go to the library. We read stories. We learn new words. We talk about our day. I am learning a lot.
– Kakhaber Dzidguri, ESL, Skill Book 1

I’m happy for studying English with my teacher Gretchen. She helps me and studying reading and writing. I’m thanks for you. I watch TV and play with my children and cook dinner for my family and read stories.
– Sabah Hamouda, ESL, Skill Book 2

I am learning English with my teacher. I am learning to read. I am learning to write. I like to read.
– Martin B. Lodiyong, ESL, Skill Book 2

I’m Sarah. I came from South Korea nine years ago. I want to speak English well. But I don’t have me opportunity to study English. One day my friend introduced me to Literacy Council program. I started to have the Literacy class with good teacher. I got a citizenship after study U.S. history with my teacher. I am so glad to meet my English teacher. I still study English in the Literacy Council program. I will be better to speak English if I study hard. Thank you for all your help.
– Sarah Baek, ESL, Skill Book 3