Student Spotlight – Adelrose

August 10th, 2017

Adelrose and Lisa Aug 2017-2Adelrose takes to reading and writing like a duck to water.

It’s raining hard this Monday morning in early August, but that doesn’t stop LCMC student Adelrose from meeting her tutor, Lisa, at the Long Branch Library in Silver Spring for their weekly English tutoring session. The two settle in to Tutor Room #2 at the library, a sea of workbooks, worksheets, and even a biography on Martin Luther King, Jr., on the table.

Originally from Haiti, Adelrose moved to the United States in 2014 to join her husband. “Miss Lisa is a great teacher,” she says, with a grateful look at her tutor.

Adelrose is shy, both tutor and student herself admit, but even so, she is naturally warm and kind. “I like nursing,” Adelrose says. She is an adept caregiver and currently works in housekeeping at the University of Maryland. “I want to be a nurse, but my English is not good enough.”

Her tutor Lisa explains, “Adelrose’s biggest challenge is practicing her speaking outside our sessions. But her reading and writing progress is so impressive. She’s been progressing terrifically with the reading, and her spelling is very good as well.”

Adelrose adds, “My church, my grocery store… everyone speaks Creole.” It is a common crux many ESL learners face; having a community with whom they share a culture can be vital to adjusting to life in a new country, but also can impede language progress when compared with learners who have customer service jobs with English-speaking customers, for example.

AdelroseMLKThis makes practicing verbal English tough for Adelrose, and hence why her reading and writing ability shows much more confidently than her speaking. Adelrose smiles shyly as Lisa praises her reading skills, along with her ability to write and spell correctly.

“We’re even working on reading this book,” Lisa says, picking up the MLK biography. Adelrose again smiles as they flip through the biography. In many ways, it feels appropriate that this woman of such high character, originally from Haiti, is being introduced to Dr. King’s dream, through his biography and through her work with someone in her own community.

Later, she and Lisa tick off some shorter-term recent accomplishments and goals. “We’re working on getting her driver’s license,” Lisa says. Of course, driving is not just about operating a car and watching for others, but reading street signs and directions, but we are feeling confident Adelrose will have no problem with that part. She is proving herself to be a natural reader of this new language.

And her most recent accomplishment? Appropriately, this reader successfully got herself a library card.

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