Staff Profile – Geneva “Nevie” Brooks

October 14th, 2016


Introducing Geneva “Nevie” Brooks as our New Volunteer & Program Coordinator

As the Volunteer and Programs Coordinator for LCMC, I spend a lot of time working with our prospective volunteer tutors to make sure they have all the information and training needed to become certified tutors. I also get to work a lot with our ESL Classroom program, working with our registration and intake volunteers at classroom orientations to help register and assess incoming students for that program. Further, I work with our office, front desk, and library volunteers to keep things running smoothly around our busy little office!

My role helps support LCMC’s mission not only by bringing in and supporting the volunteers who are on the ground spending time every week with students, reaching their goals, but by generally cultivating a culture of kindness, fostering a sense of excitement and pride in our multicultural community here in Montgomery County. Outside of my job, I spend a lot of time with my happy, silly dog, Gypsy Rose, a rescue dog who hails from Texas.