Our Services

LCMC provides a variety of learning pathways for students at all levels.  Programs are free or low-cost, and students are able to move from one program to another as their skills progress or their needs change. LCMC offers individual, small-group, and classroom options.  We rely on volunteers to help provide many of our direct services, along with professional educators.

ESL & Basic Literacy Tutoring 

LCMC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) and Basic Literacy (BL) tutoring programs are among the largest in Montgomery County, serving 800 or more adult learners each year. The Basic Literacy tutoring program works with adults who speak and understand English, but are reading and writing below a fourth grade level. The (ESL) tutoring program works with adults who speak English at a low level; it teaches reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. Tutoring is offered by certified trained volunteers who meet with a student one-to-one or a small group of students at locations throughout Montgomery County. Each volunteer meets with the student one-to-one or in a small group for 2 hours each week.

Tutoring is an effective way to serve learners who …

  • have limited schedule flexibility
  • have special learning needs that may make it hard for them to learn in a classroom
  • have not attended school before
  • who need privacy or confidentiality
  • who simply need to learn at their own pace

Students entering the tutoring program pay a one-time fee of $25. For more information, contact Alexandra at 301-610-0030, ext. 217 or alexandra@literacycouncilmcmd.org

ESL Classes

LCMC offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at sites throughout Montgomery County. The classes are taught by professional certified educators. The classes also provide 9 hours of instruction for 10 weeks and meet the Maryland and national standards for adult ESL education.   We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced level English classes.

There is no charge for the classes, but learners are strongly encouraged to purchase their own textbook.

Click here for information about our Fall 2018 ESL classes. For more information, contact Rishan at 301-610-0030, ext. 215 or rishan@literacycouncilmcmd.org

LC Chats

LC Chats are English conversation classes, a great place for new English learners to practice and develop their skills in American idiomatic English in a supportive and friendly environment.  LCMC active or wait-listed learners may join the LCMC’s own conversation classes at sites around Montgomery County (availability may vary). LCMC conversation classes require pre-registration and a one-time $20 fee. The Montgomery County Public Libraries also offer free conversation “clubs” at most library branches, and do not require pre-registration.

To join a Literacy Council Conversation Class, contact Alexandra at 301-610-0030, ext. 217 or alexandra@literacycouncilmcmd.org.

Pre-GED Preparation Classes

For those learners who have a firm handle on basic literacy (approximately at least a 5th grade reading level), but are not quite ready to study at a high school level for their GED, we are offering FREE pre-GED instruction through a blend of classroom and tutoring at Long Branch Library in Silver Spring. No registration is required, and learners can drop in on Monday afternoons from 3-5pm, Wednesday afternoons from 3-5pm, and/or Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm.

For more information, contact Darrell at darrell@literacycouncilmcmd.org or (240) 685-8294.


LCMC offers entry pre-testing for the Maryland iPathways program, a free, teacher-supported online learning program for GED® (General Educational Development) test preparation offered to Maryland residents. The General Educational Development Tests offer an alternate and acceptable way for an individual 16 years old or older to earn a high school diploma. Candidates who successfully complete the GED® Tests are awarded a Maryland high school diploma by the State Board of Education.

For more information, contact Denise at 301-456-0441 or denise@literacycouncilmcmd.org