On the Job

June 9th, 2016

ESL student Meiyue Liu was asked by her tutor to write about what she does at work.

May 2016

One day I was working on a jacket. The jacket needed to shorten sleeves and move buttons. The tools I needed were scissors, ruler, chalk, iron, blade, thread and sewing machine. First I needed to remove the buttons and lining on the sleeves. After that I went to pressed the sleeves a little bit, then I used the chalk to mark it. Then I used scissors to cut the extra material. After that I went back to my sewing machine to sew the sleeves and the lining. For the sewing I used black thread. When I finished the sewing part I needed to pressed the sleeves again. the next part I needed to put back the buttons on the sleeves and I wend to the button machine to put 4 buttons on each side. The last part I needed to close the lining. The jacket was complete finished.