Notes from the Bald Man – May 2018

May 1st, 2018

May 2018

Dear Community Builders,

I hope you all are enjoying the lovely weather we are getting this week. If you are reading these words, I hope you are doing so under a tree while you sip from a drink; iced coffee is my preference.
Over the next couple of newsletters, I want to share some new initiatives that LCMC is pushing out. For this newsletter, I want to focus on a couple intertwined programs that we are developing for our tutors.
The first is not new. It is more of a reminder. A few months back, we started a Listserv. At first, there was a lot of interaction, but then as we went on, those interactions died down. We started that listserv because we heard from our tutors that we needed to create a space in which tutors could submit their questions/comments/feedback.
If you have forgotten this resource exists, and you haven’t signed up for it yet, please reach out Ashley at If you have already signed up for it, please go back on and leave comments! Share victories! Post questions! We want our community of tutors to thrive, and harnessing technology, we want to create a space that allows you to be in contact with each other and with staff.
Now, to say that, it does not mean that community can only happen digitally. We know that we also want to look for ways to make sure we are seeing each other, as well. And that is why we started our Tutor Talk Time last month. This is a meet-up for and by tutors. Our very own Fidel comes by, so it is really is worth your time. Please consider coming. Tutor Talk Time, for now, happens every first Thursday at 11 at the Gaithersburg Library. And starting next month, our hope will be to present some PD opportunities for all of you.
So, come on and join us. If you are in the Gaithersburg area, please consider coming out. And for those of you in other parts of the county, we will be coming to you this summer with Tutor Talk Times of your own.

Looking forward to seeing all of you sooner than later!

Gabe, aka The Bald Man