Notes from the Bald Man – June 2018

June 4th, 2018

Dear Tutors,

Let’s talk data.

As some of you know, we have been making some serious changes to our Tutoring Program, which will allow us to be better and to grow. With Fidel doing our day-to-day operations, Alexandra has been working tirelessly to get our new curricula ready for ESOL and BL students. On the ESOL side, the transition away from Laubach has already started, and on the BL side, the same will start this summer. These changes will allow us to better track how our learners are progressing–both in their academic goals and in their personal ones.

It’s a long process that includes us purchasing software that will allow us to capture test scores and other data that comes from your monthly reports. With the new curricula, students will test after every 50 hours of instruction. We already do this in our classroom program, and we need to do the same with our tutoring students to assure that we are helping them and you, as their tutor, as well as we can.

This ties back to how I opened this little letter: data.

We NEED all of you submit your monthly reports. I know that some of you do, but a lot of you do not. I have heard that some of you feel that their purpose is unclear, that staff do not read them, that they are not very helpful, etc. I think these are all valid concerns, and I think Alexandra and Fidel are working on a new system that will address them.

To start: our reports are changing in July. Partly, because we want them to be more clear, and partly because staff need to be able to review all reports, so they can gather data on our students to help them, to help you, and to help our funders know that we are being effective educators. As we transition a more robust system of tracking student progress, which I will elaborate on this summer, you will be getting links to reports that will help us, and you, be better educators.

For now, whatever report you are being asked to submit must come back to us ever month. It is vital for us for a number of reasons that Alexandra highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter:

  • It is the only way for the office to know that you and your student(s) are still meeting and your status is Active.
  • In order to receive financial support, funders require us to report on what we do and how we do it; your monthly report is where this vital information is taken from.
  • It allows us to collect data to determine an average time for students to complete a level.
  • For tutors trained in the new curriculum (either BL or ESOL), your reports allow us to keep track of the hours of instruction for students to post test after 50 hours

Basically, we need you to turn in your reports.

If you already do, we thank you. If you have let it slip, please make it a habit to report each month—even if you are taking a break, let us know that you had zero hours for the month.  We will start sending reminders in June, and we will send thank you notes after receiving your reports, so you know they are getting to us.

In the end, please consider the following: we as a program cannot grow if we don’t collect data. Without these reports, we cannot make sure that our students are getting the best we can offer them. I know we all want that, so please help us by playing your part.


Gabe, aka, the Bald Man

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