Notes from the Bald Man – April 2018

March 30th, 2018

In a new addition to the LCMC website, we’re bringing you monthly updates from our Executive Director, Gabriel Martinez Cabrera (aka “the Bald Man”). Below is his April 2018 monthly update.

Dear LCMC Community,

March is almost gone and spring is here. The warm weather and longer days are exciting, and they make me think of some of the new LCMC initiatives that we have been seeding in the winter and how they are coming into their own.

Specifically, I am talking about Tutor Talk Time, which will be starting early April, and our pilot GED Program that will be starting April 9th.

In case you do not know, Tutor Talk Time is our attempt to provide tutors with an in-person monthly meet-up opportunity. We are starting in Gaithersburg, but our goal by the end of the summer is to have the same in Rockville and Silver Spring/Wheaton. The point of this is simple: we want to make sure that our tutors have a place to share best practices, have some fellowship with each other, and, within a couple months, get some additional workshop training on issues they are facing.

The pilot GED program at Long Branch is also starting in early April. This is a much needed educational program in our county. There are lots of GED programs, but our goal is to help students who are not quite ready for those programs progress, so they can get to those more advanced programs. There really is no other educational program that helps bridge students, and this is especially true in East County where we will be focusing our efforts.

Please make note of these initiatives, and please get the word out. We are always looking for (read: we really need) good volunteer tutors. The need is great, as I have said before. Let our ambition to serve that need be greater.

Until the next newsletter, keep pushing!!


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