Notes from the Bald Man – March 2018

February 28th, 2018

In a new addition to the LCMC website, we’re bringing you monthly updates from our Executive Director, Gabriel Martinez Cabrera (aka “the Bald Man”). Below is his inaugural monthly update, from March 2018.

My Dear Community Builders,

With the new year, and with me coming up on six months of being here, I thought I would start writing you a quick note every month. Really, the point of this is for me to start a conversation with all of you. It is an imperfect vehicle, I know, but my hope is that at the very least, I can update you on some of the things we as an organization are working on.

I say this often when I meet folks around the county: when I took the job, I thought that the greatest resource I could go after for LCMC was money. It is true, as we all know, money is necessary for us to move forward and to grow, BUT a very close second and sometimes just as important, is finding volunteers. For those of you who know a little about my biography, I spent years working with disconnected youth in New York and in San Francisco, and I learned about the power of volunteer action. My next job, I spent two years looking at best practices in adult education and had the great fortune of getting paid to travel around and learn from colleagues around the country.

I tell you all of this because I believe wholeheartedly that LCMC is positioned to become a powerhouse in this region. We have the infrastructure to take the education to communities in this county that are truly under-served. That is extremely exciting to me, and I hope you share that enthusiasm for where we are heading in 2018.

With that in mind, though I don’t want to make this too long for a first letter, I do want to share with you 3 new initiatives we are starting. This just to give you a sense of how our first quarter is shaping up:

  1. A pilot GED program is starting in Long Branch region of Silver Spring. We are going to be teaching social studies and math to start. Please tell your network. We are actively recruiting tutors.
  2. Tutor Talk Time: an in-person meet-up for our tutor community will be starting in late March. Once we have the date confirmed, we will share in an email. The point of this is to give tutors a place to meet and share their experiences and questions. We will also be looking to do workshops that develop skills tutors need. We will be starting in Gaithersburg for the first meetings, but by the summer, we will be setting up Tutor Talk Times in Rockville and Silver Spring.
  3. We are working with a consultant to set up a Learner Management System for LCMC. This will better help us track student progress. More details on this next time, but this is an exciting and very much needed piece as we look to grow.

In closing, I do want to make clear that as we look to grow, we do so always with the mission of service in mind. In other words, the only reason why we need to grow is that there is so much need out there in our county. And we at LCMC have much to give. So let’s push, my friends. Always push!!




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