Business Leader of the Year Award: Ronald Gantt

April 5th, 2019

The Literacy Council of Montgomery County recently announced the establishment of the LCMC Community Builder Awards. These awards recognize the educators, community leaders, and business leaders who understand the power of education for social elevation and empowerment.

Over the past several weeks, we have highlighted the work of our three recipients, and continue to celebrate them here. We hope you will join us on Thursday, May 9, 2019 to honor their achievements at our Inaugural Community Builder Awards Reception. Tickets are available for purchase; get yours today!

Business Leader of the Year Awardee
Ronald Gantt

Ron Gantt is a graduate of Howard University in Washington D.C. He started his McDonald’s career in 1972 as a Manager Trainee. Ron held many positions during his twenty-year career with the McDonald’s Corporation.

In 1992, Ron retired from the McDonald’s Corporation to become a franchise owner; purchasing his first McDonald’s Restaurant in Washington D.C. Ron, along with his wife Bernice, now own and operate a total of ten locations in Prince Georges County, Washington D.C. and Montgomery County.

Ron and Bernice believe in giving back to the communities in which they do business. GME McDonald’s currently partners with Churches, Schools and organizations like A Wider Circle and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Ron and Bernice believe in providing educational opportunities for all their employees. Working with Archways of Opportunities, employees are able to complete their High School Diploma and receive tuition assistance.

Through a new partnership with LCMC, employees receive onsite bi-weekly literacy and vocational training that result in getting employees not only better language skills but also the potential to have a nationally recognized certification in hospitality.  This training equips GME McDonald’s employees with many of the skills they need to thrive at GME McDonald’s and beyond.

Ron’s commitment to his employees’ development is a model for how business leaders can make a huge impact in the lives of service employees. LCMC’s work with under-skilled adults is only possible through partnerships with community, business and civic leaders like Ronald Gantt. We truly appreciate his support and we look forward to helping as many of his employees as we can.
-Gabriel Martinez Cabrera

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