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For questions about a specific program, please see the following pages.

Have a specific question for a staff member? Email them directly or call them directly if you are:

  • Alexandra Villamizar –, (301) 610-0030 ext 217
    • Current tutors
    • Current students in tutoring program
    • Interested in LC Chats / Conversation Classes
    • Current LC Chat / Conversation Class leader
  • Rishan Habte –, (301) 610-0030 ext 215
    • Want to register for an ESL Class
    • Have a question about your ESL Class
  • Denise Hill –, (301) 456-0441
    • Current community partners
    • Interested in partnering for community outreach
    • Interested in volunteering as a GED tutor or teacher
  • Darrell Farley –, (240) 685-8294
    • Want to take the GED exam
    • Currently participating in LCMC GED classes
    • Currently volunteering as a GED tutor or teacher
    • Interested in volunteering as a GED tutor or teacher
  • Ashley France-Howell –, (301) 610-0030 ext 206
    • Prospective volunteers and tutors
    • Current office and/or front desk volunteers
    • Operational vendors
  • Geneva Brooks –, (301) 610-0030 ext 203
    • Want to make a donation
    • Have a question about a past donation
    • Business interested in sponsorship opportunities
    • Offering marketing or advertising services

Have a question not mentioned here? Use the below form and a staff member will be in touch:


Phone number and email

301-610-0034 (fax)


lcmcdirectpicLiteracy Council of Montgomery County
21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 320
Rockville, MD 20850

Located in the Rockville Memorial Library 

Office hours:

Monday through Friday,  9:30 am – 5:00 pm
In case of inclement weather, there will be an announcement on LCMC’s phone greeting.


Parking is available in the parking garages serving the Rockville Town Center, with 2 free hours of parking available with validation from the library or a Town Center merchant.