A Student’s Story – Clint Jones

April 1st, 2016

Clint Jones was nervous to admit that he couldn’t read or write, but he overcame his fear. He remembers his first day in the LCMC office:

Clint Jones“Hi my name is Clint and I have been working with the literacy council for about two years now. I remember the first day walking to the literacy council my anxiety level was off the charts. It was the first time that I was going to face my worst fears. The fact that I could not read and write and having to tell a complete stranger. I got to meet one of the counselors named Susan and she put my min to ease. We had a chat and talked about my levels of reading and writing. I left that day a happier person. These days I still work with the literacy council. I now have a love for reading and writing. It may take me two weeks to get through a small novel and I keep a dictionary handy but let me tell you it would not have happened without all of the strong women in my life. I would like to mention them Susan, Anne and my wife Darcie. Without their help I’m not sure where I would be now.”

-Clint Jones, Basic Literacy